SORBA’s True Mission.

As our Partnership with IMBA has grown, our resources have had exponential affect. You continue to be our greatest asset. Get Involved, JOIN! We will list more contact information and goals, from local Land Management to Capital Hill.  Please share you trail needs and ideas with your local councilperson and state representative.  Better health, more fun and beautiful communities.

Definition: “Advocacy is the pursuit of influencing outcomes — including public-policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions — that directly affect people’s current lives.”

In 2016 SORBA MidTN was reinvigorated with a new active board and increased membership.  Meetings with city officials were attended in Nashville, Bellevue, Leipers Fork and Murfreesboro for talks of new trail construction.  

Late in 2016 SORBA attended Bellevue Chamber of Commerce meetings and met with the Bellevue Exchange Club who are excited and want to partner to build a pump track park.  We are currently applying for grants and looking for sponsors.  

We attended meetings with city officials and MOAB bike shop in Rutherford County to build trails and a parking lot at Barfield Crescent.  After years of discussions, SORBA has been given access to start flagging the new trails!

We also attended meetings with Metro for Davidson County to show completion of agreed upon contractual work at Bells Bend and Cane Ridge.
Work was done at Hamilton Creek to clean up and make it more attractive to riders.  This completed work may open up more funding for other new parks such as Cedar Hill, Oakdale and Ravendale.  We have the preliminary design for Cedar Hill.

Outdoor Encounter approached us about designing and building trails in Leipers Fork.  We assisted with finding a design company and Outdoor Encounter is currently working on funding.

We were approached by Lock 4 trail bosses about redoing trails to IMBA standards since they are being eroded away and there is fear of losing the trails if they are not taken care of properly.

Fall of 2013 - Percy Warner trail was completed and had it’s grand opening.

Fall 2010 was very positive with approval to move forward with layout and planning for Cane Ridge Park Trails in the southeastern most corner of Davidson County.  New trail flagging and corridor layout took place in winter 2010/2011.  

There was also ongoing dialog with Murfreesboro Greenways and Wetlands to examine trail opportunities in Rutherford County.
We planned to create similar agreements with Tennessee State Parks and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which hold MOU’s (Memorandums of Understanding) with other IMBA-SORBA trails.

December 2009, the Metro Council for Parks and Recreation voted unanimously to enter into an Annual Permit agreement with IMBA-SORBA Middle TN. This offered greater dialogue and consideration for local trails as we targeted many enhancements to Hamilton Creek, our only Metro Nashville Trail.

In March 2008 we were invited by Metro Parks to attend several local meetings to address the recreational needs of the public. Our Mountain Bike Community was the most vocal user group. We passionately have stressed our desire for more trails.

If you want to get involved, JOIN US! We have many opportunities and need your support in many local community projects…. Youth Programs, Skills Courses, and More Trails! We must have more trails in Metro Nashville to address the growing need for Beginner and Intermediate single track trails. As the most “Hand’s On” user group of any on any trail, we must continue our quest for more balance in the region. Mountain bikers make up more than most other user groups combined….Golfers, Equestrians, Hikers and Trail Runners.